The Man with the Golden Pen   8.00pm     August 24th  

Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond, Secret Agent 007, stands before the audience, Pink Gin in hand, a terrified look in his eyes...


At 42 he is about to do the thing he most fears; he is getting married!


It is 1952 and Fleming is putting the finishing touches to the first Bond book, Casino Royale and Bond is with us; an icon of class and everything Fleming aspired to...


In this one-man play Michael Chance portrays Fleming as he sets about creating his alter-ego, James Bond.


Written by Mark Burgess and directed by Louise Jameson.



“Unlike the four fanciful TV movies produced in the last 25 years about Ian Fleming, this play both entertains and draws the audience into the remarkable mindset of the creator of James Bond, the real Ian Fleming.”


Graham Rye

Editor & Publisher