Mistero Buffo

"Wow! An absorbing and energetic performance that left you spellbound. From the roguish start to the climatic finale, Julian Spooner treated the the audience to a mesmering combination of physical and verbal theatre. It was fast paced and you were immediately sucked into the multitude of sharply defined characters. At one moment full of pathos and tragedy the story would switch suddenly to the intellectually comic.
Taking an alternative view of key stories about Jesus, we were introduced to people on the edge of those stories. The crowd scene at the Raising of Lazarus was phenomenal with every character unique and credible. The grieving mother clutching a lamb in place of her slaughtered innocent child was extremely poignant.
After 75 gripping minutes both actor and audience melted out of the theatre into the summer evening to take a welcome long drink." Rachel & Andrew Parton